Be Mine, Valentine 

You all may have noticed that here at Raven, we love a holiday    To us, it’s a great chance to take a moment from the routine of your “regular” days and do something special– either for yourself or for others. There are plenty of people who have given up on holidays all together, bummed about the mass commercialization, and how the intention and meaning have been replaced with the expectation to BUY SOMETHING in order to celebrate. We really want to use Raven as a small way to get people back in the spirit of celebration- no matter which holiday it happens to be or the meaning you infuse it with!

So, we celebrate! Valentine’s Day is a holiday we choose to use to celebrate love and the way it makes us feel, and we wanted to find a few ways to share that with you.

First, we’re offering limited edition variety packs at a few of our favorite retailers. These will be 1/8th oz packages, but you’ll get a chance to try 1.2 grams each of our Afghan No. 1 (indica), Jack Herer (super sativa-hybrid), and Stephen Hawking (hybrid)! These are three of our favorites, and we hope you love them too! Each strain will feature special edition artwork to get you in the spirit, and the whole trio of bags will come sealed within an incredibly festive Raven helium balloon. These will be priced exactly the same as our regular 1/8th oz packages– we’re not doing this to make a buck on the holiday, but rather to put some special gift options out there and hopefully help you bring a smile to someone special’s face. Boycotting V-day and banding together for Galentine’s Day with the girls? Bringing a banging trio of Raven Grass beats a plain bottle of wine any day! Trust me on that one. Plus, when’s the last time you played with a helium balloon as an adult?

We’re having a lot of fun with these, and we hope you do too. You’ll be able to find them starting first thing in the morning on Sunday, 2/14 at The Novel Tree (Bellevue), Ruckus (Capital Hill/Seattle), and Elevation (Shelton/Olympia). Each shop will only have 20 available, so don’t wait too long to grab yours!

Not able to get to one of those locations? Bummed that I just gave a speech about non-commercial holiday celebration and then plugged a product for sale? I feel you, and we’re not done!

We’ve put together a little love playlist to get you in the mood. You can check it out for free and stream it over on our Spotify page HERE. Even if you spend Sunday just cleaning your house, you can still feel the love!

We’ve also made up some truly cheesy Valentines, in an homage to one of our favorite parts of the holiday: the elementary school card exchange. Just click on each image below to open it in a new window, and print a 4″x4″ gift you can pass out to all of your pals! Or, copy one into an email and send some Valentine’s vibes to a far away bud.

We truly hope you all have a love-filled Valentine’s Day this year and take the time to share the love with those around you 


XO Raven




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