Welcome Frida

Meet Frida. She’s our brand new, Raven-bred cross of our powerful CBD strain ACDC + DJ Short’s indica-hybrid Whitaker Blues. She’s got the dense, sticky-sweet juicy bud structure of her indica lineage, but with over 12% CBD to boot.

She’s a complex and enchanting strain that provides relief for mind and body while fueling inspiration, sensuality, appetite, and meditation. She’s named in celebration of one of our heroes, known to some as The Heroine of Pain, as a reminder to continue to reach for the magic, the beauty, the strength, and the love in life.

We reached out to incredible and inspiring graphic artist and creator Meghan Murphy to create the new strain imagery, and are so proud to display her powerful vision of Frida’s strength and spirit 



  1. I was just wondering since the 2nd Amendment, legalizing Marijuana for use medicinally by prescription. How long do you think before you will begin to start to consider accepting orders from disabled Veterans here in Florida like myself? Also is there a process by which we must apply to your company and submit our information such as the name of our LLC, TIN, other pertinent information so that those of us in the process of buying land to grow hemp, for CBD oil and several other of the beneficial byproducts, such as Ethanol, BioFuel and the many other uses from all remaining portions of the hemp crops. We hope to be able to not just grow hemp, in fields as a commodity, although hemp as a commodity has tons of uses, but also to be able to raise our own crops, grown in a controlled environment, to harvest them for either making edibles, which my wife has experience with, but also to be able to offer them to dispensaries and hopefully customers of our own, once we’re able to acquire all of the necessary licenses and permits which will enable us to not just grow hemp, but also produce our own medicinally beneficial strain, carefully grown and cultivated by us. These would be used to produce products of our own that we hope we’ll be able to offer to supply dispensaries directly with a unique line of our own edibles, plus many other selections of medicinal products. Also we’ll offer a unique line of irresistible edibles, diversely potent products, created for you, by us, Strictly to satisfy our every customer.

    If there’s anything you can do to suggest how we can achieve our goal sooner or with less obstacles, we are open to suggestions. As we are just beginning this venture since the #2 on Medical marijuana just passed in this recent election. So any websites or links to resources that’d be of help to us we’d be ever so greatfull for any time or effort you spend trying to help to point us in the right direction. Also, any websites, online groups and organizations that I should check out or look into joining or at least signing up for newsletters recognized as helpful. TY, JL

  2. Teresa Blommers says:

    “Frida” is my FAVORITE strain for osteoarthritis relief in the evening, and helps with the side effects from cancer meds.
    I am HATING REC prices, but it is what it is… Novel Tree is the closest place I can get it, I call ahead because it’s not convenient, and the traffic is so bad. I asked Novel Tree to hold an ounce for me until I get there, but by the time I get there, there’s only a 1/2 oz left… sigh… You NEED to distribute this more and closer to Issaquah Pretty Please 🙂

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