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New year, new harvest!

A little announcement to go along with this inaugural post: we’re going to be doing away with our newsletter subscription and will be using a new blog format to bring you news, happenings, strain availability, new product launches, and more! You can find out what’s up by checking in with our site and clicking on the NEWS link in the menu above.

To start out, a happy belated new year to you all! We started 2016 with a fresh harvest ready for delivery. To help our customers stay up to date on where they can find their favorite Raven Grass strains, we’ve decided to post current availability when each new harvest is ready for sale. We will be posting current photos of each strain (new photos from each harvest, so you’re seeing what is actually available!), along with where you can find each strain for purchase. Don’t see your go-to retailer on the list? Talk to your local store manager and have them reach out on your behalf. More often than not we can work something out!

Let us know what you think of the new format, and if there’s more you would like to see regarding availability and harvest information. As always, leave your comments below or email us at with your thoughts and feedback.

And with that, here’s your new Raven Grass stocklist! Be sure to call your retailer first for the most accurate information regarding product sizes and availability.

Click on each photo for a closer look!


Everyone’s favorite CBD powerhouse, with one of the highest CBD:THC ratios available on the recreational market! Available at Dockside Cannabis (Shoreline), Dockside Cannabis (Sodo/Seattle), and Sativa Sisters (Spokane Valley).


Afghan No. 1AFGHAN NO1

Our landrace indica with mega-levels of the euphoric terpene linalool is available at Elevation (Shelton/Olympia), Ruckus (Capitol Hill/Seattle), Sativa Sisters (Spokane Valley), Satori (Spokane), The Novel Tree (Bellevue).



Big Sur AfghaniBIG SUR 01

A balanced hybrid strain, bred from an Afghani indica and legendary California native Big Sur Holy. For some fun cannabis culture history, and more info on Big Sur Holy, take a look here. This harvest of Big Sur Afghani is available exclusively at The Novel Tree (Bellevue)!






CannatonicCANNATONIC 01

A mellow, balanced hybrid with 2-3:1 CBD:THC ratios. The low, but still present THC contents of our CANNA strains make for great joint rolling and cigarette replacements. You can find Cannatonic at Ruckus (Capitol Hill/Seattle). 




CannatsuCANNATSU 01

A more potent hybrid with 3-4:1 CBD:THC ratios. The low, but still present THC contents of our CANNA strains make for great joint rolling and cigarette replacements. You can find Cannatsu at  Dockside Cannabis (Shoreline), Dockside Cannabis (Sodo/Seattle), and T-Brothers 502 Recreational (Lacey/Olympia).





Cin XCINX 01

A balanced hybrid strain with a creative, euphoric streak, Cin X is one of our favorite dig-into-a-project strain. This harvest was full of big, robust buds that look especially beautiful in our glass packaging. The current harvest is available exclusively at Dockside Cannabis (Shoreline/Seattle).






This potent hybrid strain is bred from Chemdog 91 and SFV OG Kush. This particular harvest really brings a stoney, hilarious high and is available at Sativa Sisters (Spokane Valley) and Ruckus (Capitol Hill/Seattle).






Durban PoisonDURBAN POISON 02

This classic energy-infused sativa hails from Durban, South Africa. This small harvest, with limited availability, brings a heady high and is found exclusively at The Novel Tree (Bellevue).





DUTCH HAZE 01Dutch Haze

A Raven Signature sativa-hybrid bred from Dutch Treat and Super Silver Haze. This bright, energetic favorite is available at Sativa Sisters (Spokane Valley) and Satori (Spokane).






Granddaddy PurpleGDP 00

This fan-favorite indica is a cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud. The current harvest is some of the prettiest dark purple bud we’ve ever grown and can be found at Satori (Spokane), T- Brothers 502 Recreational (Lacey/Olympia), and Ruckus (Capitol Hill/Seattle).





Jack HererJACK HERER 02

This highest-energy sativa was bred by Sensi Seeds and has become a Raven classic. She’s full of fruity limonene flavor and has a bright, fast high that’s without competition. You can find the most recent batches at Elevation (Shelton/Olympia), Ruckus (Capitol Hill/Seattle), The Novel Tree (Bellevue), Sativa Sisters (Spokane Valley), and Dockside (Sodo/Seattle).




Laughing Buddha

LAUGHING BUDDHA 00Bred from Thai and Jamaican favorites, this is a rare true-sativa. She makes for a very interesting, head-only (no body) high and some equally interesting looking buds. Our current harvest is available at Elevation (Shelton/Olympia), Sativa Sisters (Spokane Valley), Satori (Spokane), and T-Brothers 502 Recreational (Lacey/Olympia). 





Maui WowieMAUI WOWIE 01

This uplifting, throwback sativa from 1979 is one of our favorite ways to bring the sunshine to these dreary winter days. Current harvest can be found at Ruckus (Shelton/Olympia), Sativa Sisters (Sopkane Valley), T-Brothers 502 Recreational (Lacey/Olympia), and The Novel Tree (Bellevue).





New York City DieselNYCD 01

This sativa-hybrid cross between Sour Diesel and Afghani/Hawaiian has the signature Diesel nose and is available at Satori (Spokane) and The Novel Tree (Bellevue).






Silver TipSILVER TIP 04

This Montana-bred classic and Raven Signature strain is a favorite of nearly everyone who’s tried her. She’s perfect balance of head and body high, with a fresh, clean flavor that’s like a breath of fresh air. The cold weather has brought out the purple in the most recent batch of buds, and they’re looking beautiful. Find them at Elevation (Shelton/Olympia), Satori (Spokane), and The Novel Tree (Bellevue).




Stella BlueSTELLA 01

If you’ve read our team bio’s, you remember Stella Blue. She’s the strain that helped David conquer the Cannabis Cup with his ice hash, and is a Raven original. A rare hermaphroditic hybrid, her highs are similar to Silver Tip, but with higher highs and deeper body relaxation. You can find her for a limited time at Satori (Spokane),T-Brothers 502 Recreational (Lacey/Olympia), and Ruckus (Capitol Hill/Seattle).




Stephen HawkingSTEPHEN HAWKING 01

This Raven original hybrid was named after the renown physicist, cosmologist, and author for it’s mind-expanding high. You can currently find her at Dockside (Shoreline and Sodo/Seattle).