“Hats off to you guys for producing the best CBD oil on the rec market! Since we aren’t currently producing any CBD strains, I always go to you for my CBD needs. I hope you have a prosperous 2016!”

–WA recreational cannabis producer/processor


“Just wanted to drop you a huge thank you. I randomly started experiencing panic attacks after dabs about two months ago. Two weeks ago I quit smoking completely after being a daily user for 8 years. I actually manage ******* ********  and our sales guy recommended I pick up some of your CBD concentrates. Well, today I finally ran by Dockside and grabbed some Cannatsu for a trial run. I never have been a fan of CO2 oil but your product is fantastic – both in terms of taste and quality of high. As well, my body tolerated the CBD-rich oil without going into a state of anxiety. Seemingly, the <20% THC concentrates will once again make smoking enjoyable for me. Thanks for allowing me to smoke again. I’ve found my go to oil again.     My girlfriend smokes a lot of BHO and even she was impressed with the quality of your CO2. Like I originally said, I just wanted to drop you a thank you as “thank yous (lol)”  don’t go around as often as they should. Happy holidays!”

–WA recreational cannabis producer/processor


“Durban Poison Snake Dabs tonight!!! Thanks!”

–customer love via instagram


“(One of our owners) commented on how your CO2 was by far the best he has seen and tried”

–WA recreational cannabis producer/processor with BHO and Rosin roots 


Our line of Pure Cannabis Concentrates reflects the same commitment to safe, organically produced, high quality products you’ve come to expect from Raven. Pure Cannabis Concentrates are extracted using >99% pure CO+ 100% Raven Grass. That’s it. No secondary solvents, no additional fillers.



Let’s get into what that means for you:

COis a colorless, odorless gas vital to life on Earth. Unlike some of the solvents being used in cruder extraction methods, CO2 is both safe for the environment and proven to be safe for use in consumable products. CO2 is added to carbonated beverages to produce their sparkle and CO2 extraction is used to extract caffeine from coffee, producing that still flavorful cup of Decaf. By using this form of safe solvent extraction, we’re able to bring you a concentrate so pure– you can eat it. Activated Pure Cannabis Concentrate is what we use to infuse our line of in-house edibles, starting with our Coconut Magic.

Our promise to use 100% Raven Grass as a base for our Pure Cannabis Concentrates means you’re getting concentrated 100% organically grown goodness. Raven Goods use Raven Grass. Period.

No mystery flowers brought in for their bargain basement prices, no nameless strains used just for their THC content.

We know every nutrient, every hand, and every hour that went into the production of Raven Grass, and our Raven Goods should be no different.

We work hard to choose each Raven Grass strain we grow. We work hard to grow our Raven Grass in a way that maximizes the true flavor and cannabinoid profiles of each strain. You’d better believe we’re going to do our best to ensure all of those unique terpene and cannabinoid profiles are present in Our Pure Cannabis Concentrate.

If you’re interested in finding a concentrate that’s upwards of 90% THC, Pure Cannabis Concentrate is likely not for you. When we see those kinds of numbers, we have to ask ourselves,

“Where are all the other cannabinoids? Where’s the flavor?”

That’s not what we’re about. We’re about creating strain specific and curated blends of our strains that give you the complex and nuanced experience that you get from cannabis buds themselves…  just concentrated!

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